Welcome to Nonneta's Keramika

A ceramic world created by Nonna Hall


Originally from Russia, I moved to the United States in 2002 and ended up settling down in Brooklyn for 10 years until my husband and I decided to move upstate to the magnificent Catskills.

I started working with ceramics in 2006 at one community studio in the Chelsea (an area in Manhattan). Now this is all I do - project my fantasy pieces into the real world. 

My first studio space was in Gowanus, Brooklyn, in the amazing community of the Old Can Factory - surrounded by incredibly talented artists and entrepreneurs.  Working with different clays, new glazes, and new firing techniques has allowed my creativity to expand and flourish.

Now I have my very own studio in my house - which is just a dream come true for me.

I enjoyed teaching pottery classes and workshops in a couple of studios in Brooklyn and Manhattan when I was there. Right now I teach private classes and some workshops.

My connection with clay has been fed almost every day with inspiration and the desire to learn something new, so I’m gladly using it to create my own individual style.

The process of making something out of nothing is truly magnificent, and to see how something unique that I made makes someone else happy is a priceless gift.

Most of my work is inspired by an ancient Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, and Central Asian style (which is especially visible in my teapots and bottles) as well as my childhood growing up in Russia. In other pieces, you can see that the inspiration is just my own imagination. My work is both decorative and functional, fitting into almost any kind of style and design.

Above all else, however, I love to think that my work illuminates somebody’s life. To me, this is the most important reason for creating something new.

Everything you see on this site is designed and hand made by me - some thrown on a pottery wheel, some hand built, some a bit of both. This also means that every piece is one of a kind. 

If you are in upstate New York, we can arrange a meeting if you like and you can take advantage of being close by and not having to fret over any shipping. For those of you who live farther away, not to worry, we can ship any piece you buy to wherever you are. 

If you like something and it's out of stock - don't be disappointed, contact me directly at info@nonnahall.com and we can talk about your request. 

Please, keep in mind that it can take up to 4 weeks to make your piece, depending on its complexity, and then some time to ship it to you.   

Lastly, if you like an idea or design of anything you see but want something slightly different - we can talk about that too. 

And if you live outside of USA, please contact me and we can arrange your order.

Thank you for stopping by.