Everything that you see on this site is completely handmade, from the very first stage of wedging the clay to the final glazing touch.

All drawings are done by hand as well on each and every piece with a brush and underglazes. 

Due to the nature of handmade work, everything that you see is unique. Even two pieces that are meant to be the same or are part of a set will have some particular details that make them special.

I really enjoy working with porcelain clay - the challenge and simplicity, beauty of finished surface of this body is so rich .  However,  I do work with white or brown  stoneware clay body and is just as intimate for me.

Everything that you see is also could be done in different sizes and colors. If there is something special you want, do not hesitate to ask.

All functional pieces are food safe. Most pieces are also dishwasher safe (if not, that will be mentioned for the individual piece).