Welcome to Nonneta's Keramika - a ceramic world created by Nonna Hall. 

Originally from Russia, Nonna moved to the United States in 2002 and ended up settling down in Brooklyn, New York.

One year, she received a gift certificate for a pottery class in New York City. That one class turned into another, then another. That, in turn, led to her becoming a studio potter and more and more time spent at the studio. In addition to various workshops and seminars that taught specific topics, she soaked up as many techniques and styles as she could, becoming adept at both wheel-thrown and hand-built pottery. Her outgoing and communicative nature opened the door for teaching, which she enjoys to do since 2007. 

In early 2015, Nonna moved into her new studio, which is in Gowanus, Brooklyn. Working with a different clay body and new glazes and firing techniques has allowed her creativity to expand and flourish.

Most of her work is inspired by ancient Mediterranean style (especially visible in her circular teapots) as well as her childhood growing up in Russia. In other pieces, you can see that the inspiration is just her own imagination. She also has a great deal of pride in the idea that her work is both decorative and functional, fitting into almost any kind of style and home design